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About Steve Kaye

From the Beginning...

Steve Kaye

I began my career as a loan origintor in 1990 at a community bank in California following several successful years in the title industry.  During my time at the bank, I was able to help many clients with either financing the purchase of their first home, buying a new home, or refinancing their current loan.  And as much as I enjoyed it, something seemed to be missing. I wanted to offer more to my clients but felt limited at the bank.

I took a step back, and some time away, and realized that by switching to becoming a mortgage broker, I could provide more loan options and bring even greater value to my clients, and do it more efficiently as well. The reason was simple: instead of working strictly for a single bank and representing only their rates and products, I could actually help more people by offering a greater variety of loan programs from a number of    various lending resources and options, and almost always at even better rates.


I recently chose to align myself with C2 Finacial, a top mortgage broker, working primarily in Tucson but with the ability to originate loans throughout all of Arizona and California as well. I chose to work with C2 because of their strong reputation in the lending communityand especially when it comes to Reverse Mortgages, a loan program that I hold near and dear to my heart. C2 has been recognized by AIME (Associatation of Independent Mortgage Experts) as the #1 mortgage broker in the country. Their dedication and committment to their reverse mortgage customers includes strong relations with all of the top reverse mortgage companies in the country, of which C2 is more often than not, the top reverse mortgage loan production firm that they do business with. 


The Reverse Mortgage program is one that I am passionate about and I share that passion and committment with our entire reverse division when it comes to serving the needs of the 55+ community. The "Baby Boomer" generation, with over 10,000 Americans turing 62 every day (with this continuing through 2028), is a vital and growing segment of our industry. it is a great way for us to help serve our over-55 aged homeowners and homebuyers and their growing needs, allowing them to enjoy a more comfortable retirement and future. Not surpirsingly, Baby Boomers represent the #1 home buying group in the country -- and the Reverse Mortgage for Purchase program was specifically introduced in 2017 as a means to address this sector. The Reverse for Purchase program is just one of the many positive changes that have been introduced to both enhance and improve the reverse mortgage program. The result: program changes and adjustments that have provided significant improvements in the program over the past 10-15 years. In many ways, this is the New Reverse Mortgage.

The tremendous responsibility of serving my clients is one that I accept with the utmost respect and comes with my commitment to providing excellent communication, shared knoweledge, timely closings, a level of unsurpassed service, and the honesty and integrity they should expect and that they deserve.

I am proud of my 26+ years as a mortgage lending professional, and am equally proud to work with and represent a company that shares the same goals and ideals as I do. I look forward to making a positive impact and difference in the lives of my clients and in the communities I serve.


Why Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse mortgage lending is a specialty niche that requires and combines experience, knowledge, education, and a commitment to the product and to the senior community it serves: those homeowners over the age of 55 (it should be noted that the majority of reverse mortgage clients need to be age 62 or older. However, we now offer propritary reverse mortgage programs that reduce the minimum qualifying age to 55 in most states, including both Arizona and California).

So, why did I decide to become a Reverse Mortgage specialist? As a "newer" member of that community myself, I've taken a greater interest in reverse mortgage programs and am excited by the advantages and options - and, most importantly, benefits - this program brings. It is truly a life enhancing and sometimes life-changing program, and one that I am excited to be able to offer and specialize in. I've learned that this cannot just be another loan program "offering" included in a menu of loan programs. To truly be able to properly serve those who want and/or need this program, a level of dedication to fully learning and understanding it is required. I is not a program to simply dabble in. I have helped people enhance their lifestyles, allowing for more freedom to travel. I have helped people who wanted to be able to help their children buy homes of their own. i have helped some of our older clients obtain the in-home care and medical attention they need, without burdening their families. And I have helped some clients remain in their homes when they thought they were going to have to sell and leave, and I have experienced their tears of appreciation and gratitide - as well as the gratitude from their children. I can tell you firsthand, there is nothing more rewarding than to help improve, often substantially, the quality of life of so many, while also easing the concerns and burdens of their families. It is incredibly rewarding.


About Me

After spending nearly all of my life in Southern CA, I moved to Oro Valley, AZ in 2022 with my wife Debbie, who I love dearly, and our dog Phoebe. And while I still conduct business in CA through my past clients and referrals, Arizona is my "new frontier" - and I love it here! I am also a father of three with four grandchildren that I love more than I could ever share. I am also a proud U.S. Navy veteran and love serving our military personnel - both curent and former, and I get a special satisfaction in doing so, whether it be with a VA loan or a reverse mortgage. I believe that we can never do enough for our veterand and active military personnel.

When I am not providing mortgage financing (both traditional and reverse mortgages), I enjoy watching sporting events, going to concerts, live shows, and movies, traveling (is there any vacation better than a cruise?!!) and - yes - eating! And we have some great food here in the Pusch Ridge mountain region!

I look forward to the opportunity to answer any questions you might have about the reverse mortgage program and process, and hopefully working with you to help make the loan process a stress-free and successful one for you -- just as it should be.